First Look: McAdams & Rapace Get Strange and Intimate in ‘Passion’

This week our own Alex Billington is at the Cannes Film Festival (follow all his coverage right here), and he just recently highlighted a banner for one of the projects on sale at the festival this year, Brian De Palma’s Passion. The steamy thriller follows a young businesswoman named Isabelle (Noomi Rapace) plots murderous revenge after her boss and mentor Christine (Rachel McAdams) steals some of her fresh ideas. Things only get more complicated when Isabelle ends up in bed with one of Christine’s lovers. However, it seems like the women end up in bed together after seeing some first look photos and the official poster. Our first look at Brian De Palma’s steamy thriller Passion from the film’s Facebook page (via The Playlist): Passion is directed by Brian De Palma, and the film is actually a remake of Love Crime from Alain Corneau and starring Kristen Scott Thomas and European actor …

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