First Look: Nick Frost & Chris O’Dowd in ‘Cuban Fury’ Dance Comedy

We already know that Chris O’Dowd (“The IT Crowd,” Bridesmaids) and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) will play rival dancers in Cuban Fury, a comedy from the same company responsible for Hot Fuzz, “Spaced,” and Attack the Block. The film follows a down-on-his-luck man who reignites his long-dormant passion for salsa dancing, crushed by a rival dancer (O’Dowd), due to a new love for his American boss played by Rashida Jones. In addition, Ian McShane is playing Frost’s dancing instructor, and now we have a video blog from the set giving us a first look at the film. It’s a fun look behind the scenes, so watch! Here’s the video blog from the set of James Griffiths’ Cuban Fury from Empire: Cuban Fury is written by Jon Brown (“Misfits”), from an original idea by Nick Frost, and marks the feature film directorial debut of James Griffiths (“Up All Night” and “Free …

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