First Look: Sorcerer Jeff Bridges & Julianne Moore in ‘Seventh Son’

After taking on the title role of Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia franchise, Ben Barnes is heading back into the fantasy world for The Seventh Son, an adaptation of The Last Apprentice (or The Wardstone Chronicles) book series by Joseph Delaney. Mongol director Sergei Bodrov is behind the adaptation, and now we have a couple of first look photos from the film featuring Barnes as Thomas with his sorcerer teacher Spook, played by Jeff Bridges, and Julianne Moore as Mother Malkin, a powerful witch. This could be a fun for Bridges and Moore, but these kind of films always have to climb from behind the shadows of Harry Potter to really get noticed. Stay tuned as a teaser trailer might be on the way soon. Here’s the first photos from Sergei Bodrov’s The Seventh Son from USA Today: When Thomas (Ben Barnes), seventh son of a seventh son, is apprenticed …

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