First Real Photo of Matt Damon in Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’ Found

So what’s a “ChemRail” and when can I get one to put on my wall? With news that Neill Blomkamp’s latest under-wraps, secretive sci-fi project Elysium will be giving Comic-Con attendees a glimpse next week, I’m getting the feeling it’s finally time to crack open the ice on this and let out whatever is within. I’ve been keeping an eye on the old viral site called from last year (no new updates yet), but now a new photo has popped up courtesy of JoBlo. It looks to be a magazine scan, but it’s an official still of Matt Damon in some robotic gear, in a pose reminiscent of this shot of Sharlto from District 9. Check this out! Here’s the only shot they have of Damon officially from Elysium, via JoBlo. I’m definitely interested so far. So what is Elysium about? Well the official synopsis states: In the year 2159 two …

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