First Uncensored Trailer Footage for Elijah Wood’s ‘Maniac’ Remake

“Are you an artist?” One of the films I’m planning to see at the Cannes Film Festival is Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac remake, starring Elijah Wood as a deranged serial killer in New York. I recently discovered that Cannes put up an early trailer for Maniac on their website, but the encoding is messed up. I spent a while fixing this and trying to properly sync the audio, but it’s missing the final few seconds of footage. That said, it’s a very creepy trailer, with lots of nudity and raw uncensored violence, so watch out. But it does look very dark and very intense, I’m still intrigued to see it. Hopefully Wild Bunch fixes the trailer soon. Take a look! Watch the first uncensored teaser trailer for Franck Khalfoun’s Maniac remake, originally via Cannes: (We’ll update this trailer with a better quality, fully finished version as soon as it’s available online.) Plot synopsis: Just …

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