‘Green Lantern’ Writer To Pen ‘Perry Mason’ for Robert Downey Jr.

Marc Guggenheim, who was one of the writers on last summer’s comic book adaptation Green Lantern, is in now negotiations to write a script that would bring fictional defense lawyer Perry Mason to the big screen starring Robert Downey Jr. THR has the story, which tells us Guggenheim is working from an original story by Downey and his Team Downey production company president David Gambino set in 1930s Los Angeles. The Mason character originated that decade in novels, radio and film, but was most famously played by Raymond Burr on the B&W television show that ran from 1957 to 1966. Read on for more info. For the uninitiated, Perry Mason stories generally follow a certain formula: Mason takes on a client with an unusual case, and there’s a massive courtroom showdown in which the police believe the client is guilty, but Mason provides alternate evidence to convince them of the opposite. …

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