Guillermo del Toro to Produce an Animated ‘Day of the Dead’ Feature

In any given year, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has a plethora of projects in development as a director and producer. Currently he’s busy working on Pacific Rim and there’s still that stop-motion animated Pinnochio and new take on The Haunted Mansion coming. Just recently we learned that del Toro had been lined up to direct a new spin on Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson in the lead role, but now the filmmaker has a new producing gig as well.  A press release from Reel FX reveals that del Toro will produce a computer animated film called Day of the Dead, a romance with quite a unique backdrop. More below! Set against the Mexican “Day of the Dead” celebrations, the film is described as a Romeo and Juliet style romance, but with plenty of action as well. The press release points out that this is the first time del Toro …

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