Happy 48th Birthday, Brad Pitt – See His Hotness Over the Years!

Can you believe that Brad Pitt turns 48 today? He started acting more than 20 years ago, but it was his famous shirtless moment in Thelma & Louise that skyrocketed him from just another pretty face to an international heartthrob. His Midwestern drawl and ever-changing hair made ladies swoon from A River Runs Through It to Legends of the Fall. We still love to see Brad up on the big screen, but it’s his series of gorgeous and famous ladyloves that earned him a place as one of the biggest celebrities in the world. Now Brad’s a happy dad of six and committed partner to Angelina Jolie, and to celebrate his big day, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite photos of Mr. Pitt. Click through to see them all now! View Slideshow ›

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