Has the Teaser Poster for ‘The Wolverine’ Already Leaked Online?

The cameras aren’t even rolling on the anticipated follow-up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which has been less cumbersomely titled The Wolverine, but that doesn’t mean 20th Century Fox isn’t ready to start the hype machine. An Instagram photo found its way online that apparently comes straight from inside the offices of James Mangold, who has officially replaced Darren Aronofsky as director of the film which is slated to be released sometime next summer, which purports to be the first teaser poster for the film. It’s a simple image, but quite effective as it has Wolverine’s claws slicing through the rising sun of Japan’s flag. This might be the teaser poster for The Wolverine (thanks to ScreenRant for cleaning up the image): James Mangold is directing The Wolverine from a script by Christopher McQuarrie and Mark Bomback who are adapting the classic 1982 story arc in the Wolverine comics from Chris Claremont and …

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