‘Haywire’ Beatdown

If the head-slamming trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s action flick, “Haywire” whet your appetite for mixed martial arts, it’s your lucky day — the first five minutes of the film has hit the web. ‘Haywire’ is being carried by MMA fighter-turned-leading lady Gina Carano as a betrayed agent who’s out for uber-violent revenge. The film boasts an impressive cast of Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton, Michael Douglas and Michael Angarano.Just like the trailer, the first five minutes features a fair amount of brutality — in this case, a fight scene between Carano and Tatum at a diner. (You’ll never look at a cup of coffee so innocently again.) Take a look at the clip and let us know if you think it’s really awesome or just regular awesome.’Haywire’ hits theaters on January 20.

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