HFR Projectors Likely to Be Implemented for ‘The Hobbit’ in December

Get ready for the birth of a new acronym in Hollywood – HFR. It stands for High Frame Rate, referring to high frame-rate projectors capable of showing 48FPS or 60FPS, and they’re coming soon. The first film to be released in 48FPS will be, of course, Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit, breaking ground with technology once again. Leading up to the industry convention CinemaCon next week, THR has posted an article discussing the exhibition world’s attempt to get projectors upgraded to 48FPS in mass by the time Hobbit is released in December this year. It may be a fairly tough challenge for the typically hesitant-to-evolve theater chains. While THR initially states that “most manufacturers—at least publicly—are taking a far more conservative wait-and-see approach,” there is certainly pressure and demand to get them implement. Not only by December, when The Hobbit is released, but even earlier in as many locations as possible. They …

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