‘Hope Springs’: Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones Get An Intimate Assignment (VIDEO)

It’s hard to imagine screen vets like Meryl Streep or Tommy Lee Jones being uncomfortable with anything. But in their upcoming comedy, “Hope Springs,” in which they play a married couple on the rocks, there’s one topic which leaves them blushing: sex. That’s just good acting, folks! The new comedy from the golden-agers-revamping-their-sex-life genre, follows Kay and Arnold Soames — played by the Oscar-winning pair — as they try to repair their magic-less marriage. In order to do so, the couple heads to Maine to receive some much-needed marital wisdom from Dr. Feld (Steve Carrell), who gives them various tips and exercises — however awkward — to improve their marriage. In an exclusive clip, from both Moviefone and Huffington Post Entertainment, they’ve graduated to the most daunting task of all: bedroom intimacy. “Hope Springs” hits theaters August 10.

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