How Much Does It Cost To Be Batman? (PHOTO)

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Batman — you’ve practiced your all-caps “Swear to me!” voice; it’s pretty good — well, think again. There’s more to being Gotham’s hero than a deep delivery. It requires deep pockets, too. Just to underscore the fact that becoming a superhero is quite difficult, MoneySupermarket has put together an infographic which spells out the cost of being the caped crusader. Spoiler! You probably cannot afford it. Eighteen-million dollars for the Tumbler! Fifty-thousand dollars for a Grappling Hook launcher! One-thousand dollars for forearm blades! Brace yourselves, lingering childhood fantasies, and check out the cold, hard reality of how much money it really costs to be Batman. [via Cinema Blend/Money Supermarket h/t CinemaBlend] PHOTO:
Image source: MoneySupermarket

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