Hugh Grant Talks More Strange & Awesome in ‘Cloud Atlas’ Adaptation

Back in February Hugh Grant revealed that his characters in the ambitious adaptation of Cloud Atlas from Andy and Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer were incredibly evil. Grant said, “I have six cameo parts in this strange, ambitious film. I do a lot of killing and raping. I wear an awful lot of prosthetic make up, too.” Now the actor is out on a promotional tour in the U.S. for Pirates! Band of Misfits, and he had a bit more to say about his six roles in the film. And while the characters certainly sound despicable and without any real morals, Grant seems to have enjoyed himself in various villainous roles. Read what he said below! Grant divulged to MTV saying: “It’s the strangest film, strangest script, strangest offer I ever had. To play six small parts, all of them appalling killers and rapists, and some of them 85-year-old men and others …

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