Indie Drama ‘Return’ Trailer with Linda Cardellini & Michael Shannon

“What happened to you over there, you’re acting crazy!” Focus World recently debuted an official trailer on Apple for Liza Johnson’s Return, an indie drama starring Linda Cardellini and Michael Shannon. This “twist” on the normal return-from-war story follows a female soldier coming back from a tour of duty, and things not being right. As much as I appreciate the roots of this story, I’m sorry but I’m a bit tired of these kind of films, the mopey everything-isn’t-the-same, and I-don’t-fit-in-anymore stuff. Unfortunately Linda Cardellini doesn’t fit either, definitely not for me. No wonder they’re dumping it in January. Watch anyway. Watch the first official trailer for Liza Johnson’s Return, in high def via Apple: You can also download the official Return trailer in High Def over on Apple When Kelli returns home from war, she expects to slowly settle back into her life with her husband and kids in the town she …

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