Indie Trailer Sunday: Korean ‘Towering Inferno’ Thriller ‘The Tower’

“Survive at any cost.” Some over-the-top fun from South Korea to end the year of Indie Trailer Sundays. This is a film called The Tower, a South Korean thriller directed by Kim Ji-hoon (of the films Mokpo the Harbor, May 18, Sector 7), another new high-rise fire disaster thriller in the vein of Towering Inferno, or as AICN points out, Clark Gable’s San Francisco. But this looks extremely action packed with firemen action scenes, exploding sky bridges, tons of destructive photography of two very tall buildings on fire. It’s actually kind of tragic to watch, but I suppose it passes for cinematic entertainment in the end, right? Take a look! Watch the first teaser trailer (with subtitles) for Kim Ji-hoon’s The Tower, from YouTube (via AICN): A Christmas Eve party at a luxury residential high-rise building takes a horrific turn when a fire breaks out. Korean director Kim Ji-hoon (who previously helmed …

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