It Never Ends! Lionsgate Exec Says ‘Saw’ Franchise is Not Done Yet

Haven’t they had enough after seven movies! This isn’t a set-in-stone, kind of it’s-coming-next-year bit of news, but it’s basically a hint that Jigsaw is still alive—the Saw series, not the guy, though I would love to see him back one day. Bloody-Disgusting (via SlashFilm) caught mention of the Saw series in a new CNBC interview on this week (video here) with Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns. Alas, it wasn’t much, but he said at one point: “I’m sure, some day, you’ll see Saw back in the picture.” As a reminder, this was the first Halloween in seven years that we haven’t seen a new Saw film, as Paranormal Activity has taken over. The last film, Saw 3D, was released Halloween in 2010, and still made a mediocre $45 million at the box office. We’ve been reporting (or rather, trying to report) that the Saw series would be coming to an …

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