J.J. Abrams & Edgar Wright Collaborating on Mystery Film ‘Collider’

Here’s a geek-friendly combination that’s sure to get fanboys’ and fangirls’ attention: Deadline is reporting that Paramount Pictures has hired I Am Legend writer Mark Protosevich to pen the screenplay for a movie called Collider, which originated in the mind of Shaun of the Dead helmer Edgar Wright. And if that weren’t enough, Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is collaborating on this, too, producing the film under his Bad Robot banner. As with most Abrams projects, though, details are hard to come by. All we know so far is that the movie is going to be some kind of science fiction film, but what could it be about? Read on! Science fiction fits in well with the filmographies of Protosevich and Abrams, and it’s a cool change of pace for Wright, who hasn’t delved into that genre quite yet. Of course, his upcoming The World’s End sounds like it has a …

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