Jaden Smith Could Be ‘Boy Nobody’ in Young Adult Novel Adaptation

By now, you’re all probably intimately familiar with the worldwide box office success of The Hunger Games. When something succeeds in Hollywood, you can be sure that competing studios are going to try to replicate that success however they can. So the trend these days is buying up young adult novels for film adaptations, and Sony is the latest to follow the leader. Variety reports that the studio beat out 20th Century Fox for the rights to Allen Zadoff’s upcoming novel Boy Nobody, the first story in a planned trilogy about a teenage assassin. And it seems our newest Karate Kid and Will Smith offspring, Jaden Smith, is gearing up to star. Boy Nobody sounds like it might have more in common with 2011’s Hanna than The Hunger Games, as the plot follows a brainwashed teenage character, trained as a soldier at a young age, who slowly starts to regain his …

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