James Franco Is a Big Kristen Stewart Fan

James Franco’s latest high school English paper for the Huffington Post suggests that Kristen Stewart is both similar to and different from Snow White. Just like their characters in the movie, Stewart and Charlize Theron represent two warring generations. "The old guard will always be wary of the new guard, but the fact is that women in entertainment still depend on their looks more than men do. Even two powerhouses like Theron and Stewart are beholden to the dictates of a man’s world," Franco writes. But unlike Snow White, K-Stew has worked hard for her success. "[Stewart] has taken big career risks by doing films like Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways and On the Road (nudity, I hear)." Thanks to James Franco, the search for a tagline for On the Road is officially over: "Nudity, I hear."

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