James Marsden Joining Elizabeth Banks in Comedy ‘Walk of Shame’

After wowing audiences with her bizarre outfits and insane makeup in the supporting part of Effie in The Hunger Games earlier this year, Elizabeth Banks is stepping into a lead role in a new comedy called Walk of Shame from Little Nicky director Steven Brill. ComingSoon has done some digging and they’ve discovered that James Marsden (The Notebook, Hairspray) has come aboard to star alongside her. Brill, who is famous for writing The Mighty Ducks and the underrated Judd Apatow-produced comedy Heavy Weights, also wrote the script for Walk of Shame. Marsden and Banks in a comedy together? Sure, why not? For those who need a refresher, Walk of Shame follows an L.A. news anchor (Banks) who loses an audition for her dream job. She soon gets a call from her agent saying that she actually ended up scoring the gig, but it may be too late; thinking she had lost …

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