James Van Der Beek & Gattlin Griffith Joining Reitman’s ‘Labor Day’

Following his award winning work on Up in the Air, filmmaker Jason Reitman was set to move on to two other projects lined up next. One of them was Young Adult, with Charlize Theron released last fall, the other is Labor Day, adapted by Reitman from Joyce Maynard’s novel, which it sounds like is finally going into production. THR has a couple of casting updates, one for the child actor lead, the other playing a cop. First, James Van Der Beek, last seen in The Big Bang and “Apartment 23”, is joining, along with 13-year-old actor Gattlin Griffith, who played the boy in Eastwood’s Changeling, and young Hal in Green Lantern. Reitman’s Labor Day centers on the boy and his reclusive, depressed divorced mother Adele, being played by Kate Winslet, cast in this last June, along with Josh Brolin. He plays an escaped convict who she offers a ride in her …

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