Joe Carnahan Now Set to Write and Direct a Remake of ‘Death Wish’

If the Friday numbers are any indicator, it looks like the man vs. nature thriller The Grey starring Liam Neeson and directed by Joe Carnahan will win the weekend. And with the film doing so well in theaters, that means it’s time to get the word out on the next project from Carnahan. 24 Frames reports The A-Team helmer will write and direct a remake of the 1974 vigilante film Death Wish which featured Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey, a liberal architect who morphs into an assassin after his wife and daughter are brutally attacked. He then takes it upon himself to clean up the criminal streets of New York City. Read on! This isn’t the first time that Death Wish has been tossed around as a potential remake as Sylvester Stallone became interested in the project before it got stuck in development hell around five years ago. Scott Free Productions …

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