Jonah Hill Says a Sequel to ’21 Jump Street’ is Already Being Written

While the comedy won’t have its premiere until SXSW is in full swing next month, the buzz on 21 Jump Street has been through the roof from press screenings and regular audience members lucky enough to catch a sneak peek. Some have even said it’s as funny, if not funnier, than Superbad. And with comedy gold like that, it’s not surprising to hear from Jonah Hill, who not only stars in the film with Channing Tatum, but also wrote the story for the adaptation of the 80’s TV series, that he’s already writing a sequel. Of course, the box office receipts will probably have to come in before more progress is made beyond that. More below! E! Online caught up with the actor at the Oscars (where he was nominated for a great turn in Moneyball) and Hill just said, “We are writing the sequel now. We got [the greenlight] by …

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