Justin Timberlake On Deck For Clint Eastwood Baseball Flick

Amy Adams will also star in ‘Trouble With the Curve,’ which tells the story of an aging baseball scout.
By Jocelyn Vena
Justin Timberlake
Photo: Ethan Miller/ Getty Images Who needs a music career when you have a bustling movie career? Right, Justin Timberlake? The singer has added another role to his growing docket of movies. He’s next set to star alongside screen legend Clint Eastwood in “Trouble With the Curve.” The guys will be joined by Amy Adams in the film, which revolves around an aging baseball scout (played by Eastwood) who goes on a road trip to Atlanta with his daughter (Adams) to check out a potential recruit. Timberlake is set to play Eastwood’s friend Johnny Flanagan, a former baseball player himself who is now a Yankees talent scout. Flanagan may also turn out to be Adams’ potential love interest. Eastwood will not be directing this project. That honor will go to his longtime producing partner, Robert Lorenz, making this his directorial debut, Variety reports. Before Timberlake hits the set for this project, he’s first slated to star in the Coen brothers’ next film, “Inside Llewyn Davis.” MTV News recently caught up with co-star Oscar Isaac, who shared his excitement about the project, which is set during the folk movement in New York City during the 1960’s. Though Timberlake won’t be singing alongside Eastwood, he will get the chance to croon in the Coen brothers flick. The music is being written and produced by the likes of the Punch Brothers, T-Bone Burnett and Marcus Mumford. “It’s folk from the ’60s — old songs passed down for many generations — but new takes on them,” Isaac said. “Obviously we have the hindsight of now and so we kind of revisit these old songs. They’re hopeful and beautiful and in contrast [to] the life of a folk singer, which is not very beautiful at all. It’s very drab and dire. It’s a screwball comedy.” Will you be seeing “Trouble With the Curve”? Leave your comment below.

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