Kasdan & Kinberg May Be Writing Spin-Off ‘Star Wars’ Films Instead?

All right, this one has us scratching our heads. Just over week ago, news came that Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan and Sherlock Holmes writer Simon Kinberg had been hired to write Episode VIII and Episode IX of the new Star Wars trilogy. This came after Michael Arndt was already hired to script a 40-50 page treatment and also script Episode VII himself. However, Lucasfilm and Disney have yet to confirm this news, and now some confusing information has come to light. THR reports Kasdan and Kinberg will be working on Star Wars, but they may not be writing the the second two new trilogy films. Apparently, Kasdan and Kinberg have been hired to work on films that would be like spin-offs, and that’s why the writers would also be producing the films themselves. The trade says these films are “not necessarily Episode VIII and Episode IX” but “could turn …

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