Kristin Stewart Thought She Was A ‘Badass’ … Until ‘Snow White’

‘I hurt myself, but it was fun,’ she tells MTV News of going toe-to-toe with Charlize Theron in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman.’
By Kevin P. Sullivan, with reporting by Josh Horowitz
Kristen Stewart in “Snow White and the Huntsman”
Photo: Universal “Snow White and the Huntsman” has moviegoers excited for a number of reasons, but few have gotten as much attention as Kristen Stewart’s transformation into a full-on action star. During “MTV First: Snow White and the Huntsman,” Stewart and her onscreen nemesis, Charlize Theron, recalled what it was like having to battle each other and their wardrobes. When MTV News’ Josh Horowitz asked what factors led to Stewart joining the film, Theron offered up an explanation of her own. “Kicking my ass?” Theron said. Stewart couldn’t help but agree. “She was signed on for a while, so I was like ‘Charlize? I’ll definitely do it.’ ” When Stewart first signed on to the film, her previous experience with action led her to believe she could do it all. “It’s funny too because I became such a baby on the movie. I was scared of so much that I didn’t think that I was going to be,” she said. “I tasted little bits of action in other movies, and I thought that I was such a huge badass. I was like, ‘I love it. Honestly, I just love how it makes you feel. It feels real. You get to actually do it, and then at the end, you’re not like I faked it.’ I faked a lot. It was hard. I hurt myself, but it was fun.” The epic showdown between Snow White and the Evil Queen turned out to be an exhausting shoot for both Stewart and Theron, who eventually teamed up to make filming a little easier on themselves. “By day two, we kind of looked at each other and were like, ‘We don’t need to start this scene from the beginning to get into it. What’s the shot? Oh, we’re already on the ground? No, no, no, we’ll just be here on the ground,’ ” Theron said. Though their fights took a lot out of them, the metal costumes ended up being even more harmful. “The costumes were actually more damaging than the fight sequences,” Theron said. “I was way more bruised from my costume than I was from her.” Check out everything we’ve got on “Snow White and the Huntsman.” For young Hollywood news, fashion and “Twilight” updates around the clock, visit

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