Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman Team for MLK Film ‘Orders to Kill’?

Though director Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman were looking to team for the civil rights film Selma, the project fell apart a couple years ago. However, the duo haven’t given up on setting a movie in that time period as the LA Times has word that they two will team up for Orders to Kill, a very unique approach to chronicling the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. While everyone knows that James Earl Ray has been credited with the iconic civil rights leader’s untimely death, attorney and activist William Pepper has said for decades that Ray recanted his confession and died arguing his innocence. More below! Jackman would play Pepper in a film that shows his efforts as “a one-man campaign, interviewing witnesses and building support for his theory that other interests, including those from the U.S. government, were behind the 1968 Memphis killing.” Essentially, it’s a film …

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