Legendary Entertainment Already Planning a Sequel to ‘Pacific Rim’

When you have a summer blockbuster from Guillermo del Toro featuring giant robots fighting giant monsters, box office success is assumed. That’s why it’s not surprising that a sequel to Pacific Rim is already being planned by Legendary Entertainment, even if the first film doesn’t hit theaters until July 2013. Heat Vision has word that Legendary has slated Travis Beacham, who wrote the original treatment for Pacific Rim on spec, to script a sequel with del Toro. However, with del Toro already planning on taking on Crimson Peak as his next film at Legendary, would he be able to direct the sequel any sooner than 2015? That estimate is being pretty generous since del Toro isn’t even starting production on Crimson Peak until January 2014. Unless it’s a short shoot and there’s not a lot of post-production involved, the Pacific Rim sequel likely won’t come quickly with as busy as del …

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