Like a Meaner, Braver, Less Funny Bridesmaids. Bachelorette, Reviewed. [Grierson & Leitch]

1. In retrospect, the “surprising” success of Bridesmaids should have been the furthest thing from a surprise. It was a big, broad, audience-friendly comedy that made sure, in between all the poop jokes and the rampant silliness, that you liked all of its characters. It was ribald and bawdy, but never in an alienating way: Like any great comedian, like a puppy, Bridesmaids, deep down, desperately wanted you to love it. And we all did. You might think that Bachelorette is a Bridesmaids knockoff, and from a marketing perspective, I suppose it is. But this movie definitely doesn’t care whether or not you love it. More »

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