Lionsgate’s Motion Poster for ‘Dredd’ Teasing a Comic-Con Screening

Judgement is Coming! Lionsgate has just released a new motion poster for Pete Travis’s Dredd 3D, the badass new sci-fi take on 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd, starring Karl Urban as the new Judge. We featured the first official trailer a few weeks ago and while it does look similar to The Raid, I still think it looks awesome. The motion poster comes from SuperHeroHype, where they’ve announced that Lionsgate is also hosting a screening at Comic-Con, on Wednesday night next week, July 11, at 10PM in San Diego. Tickets are being given away by a few sites only (we don’t have any, sorry!) but I will definitely be there. See the poster below. It’s not much (did you catch the line?), and it’s just part of the bigger promotion for Comic-Con and the screening, especially with the hashtag #judgementiscoming. Other websites giving away tickets: and Collider. Or visit the website …

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