Looking Back: Ethan’s Top 8 Favorite Official Movie Posters of 2011

With under a week until the end of 2011, and with several retrospective videos behind us, it’s time to take a closer look at the movies from this year and the work they yielded. Kicking off this week’s venture back through the films of 2011, I’ve made a list of my choices for what I believe to be the best movie posters of the year. While they’re most easily described as just another form of marketing for a studio trying to get an audience into a theater, there are some movie posters that are just as beautiful as works of art, and many of them should be considered as such. And so here’s my choices for the 8 Best Movie Posters from 2010. Just so we’re clear, I’ve only decided to consider posters that were officially released by a studio for a film hitting theaters within the year 2011. Therefore you …

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