‘Looper’ Reviews: What Are The Critics Saying?

This Friday sees the release of the Joseph-Gordon Levitt-lead action flick, “Looper.” From Rian Johnson (“Brothers Bloom”), the film follows Joe (Gordon-Levitt) a hired assassin (known as a “looper”), who’s tasked with killing people sent back in time from the year 2077. The rub? He’s soon assigned to take out his older-self (Bruce Willis). Godron-Levitt recently spoke to Moviefone at this year’s Toronto Film Festival about transforming himself into the young reflection of the “Die Hard” actor. “I watched a lot of [Willis’s] movies. Even more so I focused on the audio. I was really into his voice. I would rip the audio off of his movies and put him onto the iPod so I could just listen. He also recorded himself doing some of my voiceover monologues and sent me that recording so I could hear how I could say it. But the most productive thing was hanging out with him, having dinner, talking, just soaking it in.” But how does the new time twisty film stack up? Take a look at our review round-up of “Looper” below. PHOTOS:

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