‘Lord of the Rings’ & ‘Star Wars’ Swordsman Bob Anderson Has Died

At some point in their lives, pretty much everyone on the planet has pretended to wield a sword, lightsaber or some kind of deadly blade in an epic battle to the death. However, Olympic fencer Bob Anderson actually handled swords in real-life as an Olympic fencer and one of the foremost sword-fighting trainers and choreographers in cinema. Sadly, we must report a tragic loss at the beginning of 2012 as reports that Anderson, who has worked on such iconic films as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the original Star Wars trilogy, passed away early this morning at a hospital in the UK. Anderson’s career started nearly 60 years ago when he staged fights for the 1952 Errol Flynn film The Master Of Ballantrae. However, he would go on to choreograph fight scenes in films like From Russia With Love and Die Another Day, The Legend Of Zorro, and …

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