Mary Elizabeth Winstead to ‘Die Hard’ Again & Get ‘Smashed’ in Fall

Though we heard that A Good Day to Die Hard was only bringing one of the two McClane offspring into the mix this time, it sounds like Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney (playing McClane’s son) will have more of the family showing up. A man named Ted Cross has a very small role in a scene towards the end of the film and he recently updated his blog (via Bleeding Cool) and revealed that Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who played McClane’s daughter in Live Free or Die Hard, is reprising her role. It’s likely only a cameo, but if you want to see more of Winstead this fall, you will want to read about her Sundance selected drama Smashed below. Director James Ponsoldt brought his film Smashed to Sundance in 2012, and my glowing review couldn’t say enough nice things about the stunning performance from Mary Elizabeth Winstead. The film was picked …

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