Massive, Epic New Banner for ‘The Hobbit’ Visualizes the Entire Story

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. Whoa, what kind of odd marketing is this? Entertainment Weekly (via ComingSoon) has unveiled a new banner for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit that, in 5000px of horizontal digital space, visualizes the entire story. Or at least, the entire story that I think we’ll be seeing in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey specifically. Might this be our first glimpse at where the cutoff point between movies is? There’s also a scene shown on this where Gandalf is talking with a bear, potentially the character Beorn. Lots of great visuals and imagery in this as a perfect tease for The Hobbit. Take a look! To get the full experience and a good look at the full banner, you have to visit A few closer looks: Love all that’s shown in the massive banner, has me even more excited for it. High res via ComicBookMovie. In a hole …

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