‘Max Max: Fury Road’ No Longer Shooting 3D But Will Post-Convert

We’ve been waiting years for George Miller to get his delayed Mad Max: Fury Road film off the ground, and now it sounds like the film is finally in production in Namibia. However, one change has been made on the production. Originally, the plan was originally going to shoot in 3D, but now IF Magazine (via Twitch) says they will be converting the film to 3D instead. The magazine says Miller was developing new 3D cameras and rigs to shoot the film, but it became a concern as to whether or not the untested tech would withstand the harsh conditions of the desert location and the extensive stunt work. More below! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as there’s the potential to do good 3D conversions if the post-production schedule has enough time to be meticulous about it, but shooting in 3D is usually better. Of course, as a whole, the …

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