MGM Gets More Sci-Fi with Adaptation of Russian Novel ‘Metro 2033’

Since they bounced back from bankruptcy, MGM has slowly been getting back on track. Their long-shelved Cabin in the Woods received a proper release earlier this year, the same is about to happen with their Red Dawn remake, and after four years they’re bringing Bond back in November with Skyfall. Now they’re finally starting to reach out and start acquiring new properties again, and Heat Vision reports that the studio has purchased the rights to Metro 2033, a Russian sci-fi novel by Dmitri Glukhovsky that has F. Scott Frazier writing the script and Galaxy Quest producer Mark Johnson, well, producing Read on! The book has become something of a phenomenon in Russia, published online in 2002 before it was turned into a proper series which now includes 20 books and a video game. The story takes place in 2033, years after a nuclear strike left the world practically uninhabitable. Mutants altered …

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