Mickey Rourke & Nicolas Cage Ready for Noir Action in ‘Marble City’

It’s hard to think of modern film noir without thinking about Sin City (and its sequel, which just got a release date). One of that film’s stars, Mickey Rourke, is returning to the genre, and this time he’s bringing Nicolas Cage along with him. ComingSoon says the two will co-star in Marble City for The Midnight Meat Train director Ryuhei Kitamura. It’s a revenge story about a newly released prisoner who hunts down the man who put him behind bars, which is a pretty common theme we’re seeing in a lot of films these days. Marble City is described as “Kill Bill meets Drive,” and actually sets the bar really damn high. The film is being hailed as a “high action and close combat fighting picture,” so it sounds like we can look forward to Rourke and Cage going head to head in some pretty brutal fight sequences. Despite its ridiculous …

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