Mom Gives Her Two-Year Old A Sippy Cup Full of Beer, Gets Arrested [Arizona]

Arizona, the worst state in the country, is such a terrible place that even the two-year olds have turned to drink. When Valerie Marie Topete saw her two-year old son reaching for her pitcher of beer while the two were dining in a pizzeria in Phoenix, she did what any sane mother would do: she filled the toddler’s sippy cup with delicious, cold suds. If your child was facing such an obviously awful existence, would you have acted differently? Not me. Well, sure enough some teetotaling, probably concealed-gun toting narc took it upon himself to snitch to the police, who not only arrested Ms. Topete but also had the nerve to take away the tot’s beer. Now Topete is being held on suspicion of child abuse. And, from the AP report, “Police didn’t know if she has a lawyer.” Of course they don’t know, because police in Arizona are know-nothing monsters. Anyway, if you guys want to start a Kickstarter to get her out of jail, let’s move to the comments. More »

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