Mondo’s ‘Avengers’ Posters: Thor, Iron Man, Hulk & Captain America

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Hawkeye and Black Widow have already gotten their own posters from Mondo, but now all of The Avengers are assembled on their own individual posters. Martin Ansin has delivered an amazing poster for Thor, while Phantom City Creative is behind Captain America’s star spangled poster, Ken Taylor crafted the smashing black and green Hulk print and Kevin Tong crafted the colorful blueprint style poster for Iron Man. Each of these posters is truly spectacular, and I wish having each and every one of them on my wall wasn’t going to be so damn difficult or expensive. See all the posters below! Here’s Martin Ansin’s poster for Thor from Here’s Phantom City Creative’s poster for Captain America from Wired: Here’s Ken Taylor’s poster for Hulk from Badass Digest: And finally, here’s Kevin Tong’s poster for Iron Man from io9: Each poster measures 24×36 in. and will cost $45. More specifically, the Captain …

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