‘Moon’ Director Duncan Jones Set for Bond Author Ian Fleming Biopic

The Year of James Bond gets even better. Variety is reporting that one of our favorite up-and-coming directors, Duncan Jones of Moon and Source Code, is signed on to direct a biopic about Ian Fleming, the author and creator of James Bond, Agent 007 (who’s back this year). I feel like we’ve heard of this project before, but can’t find much on it, though there’s plenty of fresh details now. The working title is currently just Fleming and it’s being adapted from the biography titled “Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond” written by Andrew Lycett. Duncan Jones delivers a few choices quotes about his interest in the author, too. Fleming is being developed by K5 Film’s Oliver Simon and Daniel Baur, PalmStar Media Capital and Liberty Films. Matt Brown wrote the script, it’s slated to go into production this year, and Duncan Jones is already working on casting. He comments …

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