‘Need for Speed’ Video Game Series Gets a Film Franchise Now Also

If the Fast and the Furious franchise, or the prospect of a Hot Wheels movie just wasn’t enough to crank your engine (pun intended), well then it’s probably time to feel the Need for Speed. The Playlist has word that a feature film adaptation of the hit racing video game series is in development with Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures and Sony in contention to snag the rights to the series which has pumped out 18 games on several different platforms to date. This comes on the heels of news that the Twisted Metal video game series is also heading to the big screen with Crank co-director Brian Taylor in the driver’s seat. More below! Apparently George and John Gatins (the latter being the writer behind Real Steel most recently), have their screenplay at the aforementioned studios right now with Universal sitting this one out since the Fast and Furious franchise is …

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