New ‘American Reunion’ Poster Remakes Original ‘American Pie’ Poster

With the return of the original cast from the sex comedy franchise American Pie in the mix for next year’s release of American Reunion, this sequel is all about nostalgia. From the photo booth video to the teaser poster with the violated pie, it’s clear this one is going to be about fond memories of the franchise’s past and also more raunchy sexual humor. This new poster for the film has more of the former than the latter as it perfectly recreates the image from the original films’ poster with the whole gang on the front, but where there once was a flute there’s a baby bottle, and the pie doesn’t seem to be deflowered. See the poster below! Here’s the American Reunion poster from MTV Movies Blog and the original poster below that: American Reunion is the fourth installment in the comedy series that started with American Pie in 1999. Written/directed …

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