New Chemical Bonding Mini-Game Launched on Oscorp Viral Website

Anxious Oscorp interns, are you ready? Your Oscorp workstation is now online. It’s time to start working! As part of the ongoing Amazing Spider-Man viral, the most recent update focused a new online home at Oscorp Industries, with an official site launch last week. As promised at the end of The Lizard viral trail, internship details would be arriving this Monday afternoon. Visiting the Oscorp site shows a brief update and newly launched chemical bonding mini-game with 8 levels (takes me back to high school chemistry). Educational, scientific and fun, and it’s all to get you more immersed in a movie! Go figure. Details below. If you’re ready to dive right in and put your knowledge of chemistry to work for an internship at Oscorp, just click over to the Animal Dynamics Lab site and start playing through the first level. Here’s a quick look: The new Animal Dynamics Lab site states: …

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