New Line Cinema Making ‘Y: The Last Man’ a High Priority Project

It often takes filmmakers years to get their projects made, but it’s unusual for every single step of the development process to be widely reported and parsed over. But that’s exactly what’s happened over the past nine years (!) with an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn’s fantastic graphic novel Y: The Last Man. We’ve covered the project since D.J. Caruso was involved, through script troubles, potential star Shia LaBeouf dropping out, director Louis Leterrier’s involvement, and finally some new writers being brought on earlier this year. Vulture reports the project is now considered a high priority at New Line. More below! I’m a big fan of Vaughn’s graphic novel, and I think D.J. Caruso’s proposed trilogy with LaBeouf would have been pretty great had it gotten through development. But now that we know that particular iteration won’t ever happen, I’m starting to think that this source material is better suited for …

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