New Photos & Posters for ‘Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III’

We got a glimpse at some interesting first look photos from Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, a directorial effort from frequent Wes Anderson collaborator Roman Coppola, this past August. The film sounds like quite the peculiar story and now some new photos have arrived that continue to pique our interest. In addition a small batch of character posters have emerged. Well, I guess you can call them character posters. Each one has either Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Charlie Sheen, Aubrey Plaza or Patricia Arquette on the poster in name only with mostly food pictured, though they might mean more in the context of the film. It would be nice to see this film pop up at Sundance next year. Look below! New photos and posters for Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III from IMP Awards and Yahoo: Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III is written and directed by …

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