‘N*ggas in Paris’ Video: Kanye and Jay-Z Present Tiger-Kaleidoscope Fun Hour

On the Watch the Throne tour, Kanye and Jay-Z took to performing “N*ggas in Paris” on repeat, increasing the number of performances for each city. (They topped out at eleven, in Vancouver.) For the possibly seizure-inducing (heed the warning!) “Paris” video, the Throne applied the multiples approach to themselves, putting some very glitzy tour footage through the kaleidoscope and turning the (very attractive, mostly model-y) crowd into pretty floating quilt designs. At one point, the weirdo filter turns Kanye into something resembling an alien head, but for the most part, the doubling has the intended effect: There are two ‘Yes, and two Jays, and they are running this show. So is that tiger. Double tiger roar: very festive. Read more posts by Amanda Dobbins Filed Under: Videology ,kanye ,jay-z ,music ,video ,watch the throne

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