Nick Jonas in ‘Careful What You Wish For’: Disney Star Goes Edgy for Sexy New Drama

Spring has sprung, hormones are racing, and former child stars are lining up right and left for way more grown-up projects. Case in point: Nick Jonas will be making his feature-film debut in the sexy drama “Careful What You Wish For,” with Isabel Lucas. Lucas stars as Lena, “a young, lonely wife of a wealthy businessman who rents the lake house next door to a very self-conscious high-school student.” Jonas is on board to play Doug, that very awkward paramour. And once Lena’s husband goes missing, guess who is the prime suspect? Of course, since comparisons to “Body Heat” and “Basic Instinct” are being tossed around, one would guess that Lena’s not as innocent as she seems. It’s far edgier fare than the self-titled Disney show Nick appeared on with his brothers Kevin and Joe, and will probably require a lot less singing. Jonas isn’t the only one looking to take on something a bit meatier in this project. Elizabeth Allen, whose previous credits include the new “90210” and family-oriented films “Ramona and Beezus” and “Aquamarine,” is signed on to direct. Nick Jonas is the latest to sign up for an edgy movie role in the hopes of shedding his squeaky clean image. Taylor Lautner attempted to same thing with “Abduction” with little success, but maybe Jonas called “Spring Breakers” stars Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez for tips instead. [via Variety]

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