Nick Swardson & Cheri Oteri Reunite with Sandler for ‘Grown Ups 2’

For the first poor attempt at comedy that Happy Madison productions called Grown Ups (a poor man’s version of The Big Chill), “Saturday Night Live” veteran Adam Sandler assembled all of his friends in comedy including Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade and Rob Schneider. Now two more collaborators from Sandler’s past have come back for the wholly unnecessary sequel as Variety reports stand-up comedian Nick Swardson and Chero Oteri (another “SNL” alum) have landed supporting roles alongside Project X star Oliver Cooper and shirtless Twilight Saga star, the mannequin known as Taylor Lautner. No plot details have come to the surface about the sequel, so we don’t really know why this ragtag team of comedy misfits reunites again, but Swardson will play Schiender’s brother, who drives a school bus, sometimes with a decent amount of alcohol in his system. Meanwhile, Oteri is playing a middle school ex-girlfriend of Sandler’s who …

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